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The meals at Cuttle are always delicious and a big part of what makes your visit to Cuttle Lake so memorable.

Three times a day, when you hear the dinner bell ringing, (Yes, there is actually a large triangle that rings when the meal is ready) it’s time to head to one of the three areas that prepare and serve the meals:

The large kitchen/dining room that comfortably seats 60

Payton’s place, the outdoor BBQ gazebo just outside the kitchen with a huge stainless BBQ, serving counters, red pine bar and 10 authentic John Deere tractor seats, is a perfect setting for appetizers and cocktails.

Marino’s Turtle Bar at the lake: BBQ service for lunch and snacks when enjoying the lake, dock, sauna, and beach activities.

The meals themselves are prepared to your specific tastes and desires. The menu for your stay will be customized to satisfy... and the actual gastronomic experience will exceed your expectations.

Food1 Food2

There are three levels of meal plans to choose from...


Morning: Cereal, Yogurt, Muffins, Toast, choice of eggs, bacon, ham or sausages
Lunch: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Soup, sandwiches, salads and Cookies
Dinner: Pasta, Pork chops, Chicken

Classic - Same as basic with...

Morning: Fresh fruit, french toast, pancakes, cuttle mcmuffins
Lunch: Wraps, fresh baking
Appetizers: Dips, cheese and crackers, crudite
Dinner: Steaks, drunken chicken, BBQ pizza

Gourmet - Same as classic with...

Morning: Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, Crepes, smoothies, custom omelets, and tropical fruit
Lunch: BBQ chicken
Hot Appetizers: dips, satays, quesadillas
Dinner: Prime Rib, Seafood, roast turkey, roast pork

Evening Snacks

Smores at the fire pit, popcorn

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