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While the accommodations may seem rustic, they are very clean, comfortable and quiet. There are no phones or TVs, city buses, fire trucks or alarm clocks to disturb your rest. (There may be the occasional wood pecker or chipmunk and of course the breakfast bell.)

Click to EnlargeThe Four sleeping cabins Hawk, Falcon, Osprey, and Eagle each have nine rooms with a sitting room at the front and a large deck at the entrance. The rooms are furnished with either a king sized bed or two twin beds, reading lamps, closets, clean sheets, cozy blankets & soft pillows to ensure that when the time comes to lay your head down you will only count one sheep...!

There are a limited number of spaces for parking your own trailer or RV with electrical and non-potable water hookups.

Click to EnlargeFor those a bit more adventurous, an evening in a tent under the stars is to be experienced. Whether a tent site at the resort or on one of the many islands, we will make sure you are comfortable and cozy. Canoe or kayak out to an island for your own mini vacation away from the resort.

There is one large central wash house with men’s and women’s areas. Each has a number of toilets, shower and sinks. Laundry is available upon request.


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